Preparing a Digital Resume

A digital resume is a form of your job resume made for sending online. Since the world today has become digitized and connected online where it is now possible to do many tasks such as job applications over the Web, making a digital resume has become an essential part of job hunting. There are truly certain differences when it comes to preparing a digital resume from a typical one.

Digital Resume Difference

Many things are considered when it comes to preparing a digital resume. One of the most important things to bear in mind is that digital resumes may need to take online search into consideration. Conventional job resumes usually are being sent directly into offices where a staff of people might be responsible for collecting and arranging them according to certain categories. Digital resumes may be treated differently.

Digital resumes are usually sent online and are received through emails or other online means. Once received, most of them are being stored in a company’s database containing such files. All these are usually automated without any human intervention most of the time. Searching for the right job resumes also may follow the same pattern.

Computer Friendly Resume

When preparing a digital resume, making it computer friendly takes a whole new level of importance. Although a digital resume is also essentially a typical job resume in digital form, it is important to consider that people would usually use a computer to find them. Hiring managers may need to use an automated online or local search feature of a PC to find digital resumes before they read them. Computers are used to find them. If computers can’t find them, then the hiring managers may not be able to read them.

Using Keywords

An important facet of preparing a digital resume that is different from the traditional form is by the important use of keywords. Keywords are usually what computers and online search engines may use to determine what a certain digital document may contain. In the case of a digital resume, it should contain important keywords that hiring managers would typically use when searching for them. This would include using the right job titles and nouns that hiring managers would use to electronically search for a specific job or occupation. Certain skills and characteristics may also be used as keywords that most employers would usually associate with the type of job or applicants that they are looking for.

Although even digital resumes are being made for humans to read, it may take computers to search for them first even before any human can lay their eyes on them. Preparing a digital resume should both cater to both the human and machine aspects. It should be made in a way for computers to easily search for them as well as prepared well enough to be interesting when being read by the hiring managers.

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