Preparing a Digital Resume

A digital resume is a form of your job resume made for sending online. Since the world today has become digitized and connected online where it is now possible to do many tasks such as job applications over the Web, making a digital resume has become an essential part of job hunting. There are truly […]

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Differences Between Chronological and Functional Resumes

Like fingerprints, no two resumes should look the same, but any job seeker should follow either one of two styles of resume writing: Chronological or Functional. How is one different from the other? Here are some major points. What to highlight – Chronological resume highlights the applicant’s job history, from the most recent to the […]

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What Makes Your Resume Dated

With the bad economy wherever you go, many people are forced to look for new jobs, including the middle-aged folks who have years of work experience behind them. However, just because you have an impressive employment record automatically means you will get called the next day. Job seekers need to find out the trends on […]

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