How to Embellish Your Resume Without Lying

One effective way of getting the job is usually by having an impressive job resume. Employers and hiring managers would want to find a person with the right set of skills that would be right for they job. An impressive resume would surely catch their attention. But the bad thing is that some people may go too far in trying to come up with an impressive resume. They might just resort to lying to make the best impression.

Lying on your resume would seem good at first. It may even be effective in impressing the people it targets to impress. But the thing is, a lie has the risk of being discovered sooner or later. The effect that it may instill on your credibility and reputation may be far worse and can cost you more than just your job. There are ways in which you can make your job resume impressive without lying.

Avoid Using Half-Truths

Trying to do so would risk your chances of even getting hired. Most hiring managers have well gained too much experience not to discover whatever half-truths you may put out in your resume. Half-truths are considered by many managers as lies. Avoid trying to use them just to make a good impression.

Provide Specifics for Accomplishments

Nothing impresses a hiring manager more than citing specific instances of your accomplishments. Some people exaggerate generalized statements in their accomplishments in order to impress. Saying that you helped save the company millions of dollars would be such a statement and it would not do at all to impress an experienced hiring manager. Citing how you helped the company save $ 200,000 in a month by conserving office resources would do more to impress managers than exaggerated ones.

Avoid Listing Unfinished Courses Or Degrees

Some people try to impress hiring managers by listing unfinished courses or degrees as part of their educational background. An uncompleted degree is not the same as an earned one even if you just lack a number of units for it. You would find yourself in hot water if a hiring manager is impressed by it and would require you to show your certificate or diploma for proof. You might give it a mention or two during the interview, but avoid listing them up on your resume to make them more impressive.

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