Following Up On Your Resume

Submitting your job resume and cover letter should not be considered as the last step when applying for a job. You might need to do the necessary follow up to make sure that they get into the hands of the people concerned, the hiring managers and, most importantly, the employer. Following up on your resume […]

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Resume Tips For Former Military Personnel

When some military personnel finally completes their tour of duty or is ready to leave the service, entering the world as a civilian is something that they should clearly be considering. The military environment that they have grown accustomed with may be quite different from that of civilian life. Assimilating may sometimes take awhile. This […]

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Importance Of Using Resume Buzzwords

Writing an effective job resume would require you to make use of buzzwords to attract and appeal to employers or hiring managers. Buzzwords are simply terms and keywords that you can use that can actually enable your resume reach its destination. In order to better understand this, you may need to know more on how […]

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Using Action Phrases in Resumes

In writing your resume, it is not just about what you have done in career but what you have achieved. Describing your skills, experience, and strengths should be your main priority, but how? Here are some helpful tips to create effective action phrases in your resume. Avoid using I – Although a resume is all […]

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Fixing Up Your Resume

Job resumes may need a bit of fixes every now and then. If you are looking for a new job after several years would be one good reason to give your previous job resume some much needed revisions. Your previous job resume may not be as effective today as it once was and might need […]

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Ways You Can Ruin Your Job Resume

The difference between getting the job and losing it may depend on your job resume. Potential employers look into a job resume as a means not only to get work-related information of the job applicant but also to gauge other characteristics and bits of your personality through it. Making job resume mistakes can ruin your […]

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