Resume Tips For Former Military Personnel

When some military personnel finally completes their tour of duty or is ready to leave the service, entering the world as a civilian is something that they should clearly be considering. The military environment that they have grown accustomed with may be quite different from that of civilian life. Assimilating may sometimes take awhile. This may include finding a job as a civilian.

With most military personnel having spent quite a number of years in the service, there might be challenges involved when it comes to applying for civilian jobs. It is not usually a bad thing, but working years in the military may be quite different from many civilian jobs. Aside from a different skill set, military personnel usually may find it hard writing a job resume when they try searching for a job as a civilian. Here are some resume writing tips to get them started.

Define Civilian Goals

It may e hard for some military personnel to look for the right job if they do not have a goal in mind. Having a goal can help instill some direction that would help them narrow down their choices in terms of possible employment. Their choices may look quite broad enough in the job market due to their diverse background knowledge and skills. They should try to define what types of industries that they want to pursue as a second career and try to narrow their choices to the ones that they might have great chances of excelling at.

Write Resumes To Address Employer Needs

After defining a career objective, it can become easier to develop a civilian resume. It all boils down to trying to answer what the employer’s needs are. The skills of former military personnel can now be able to write an effective civilian resume. The key is by trying to address the needs of the employer and what one’s skills may be able to be valuable for such needs. Some research on what the needs of prospective employers may be required for this.

Demilitarize Terms

One way to make job resumes appealing is by trying to makes less use of military terms that most civilian employers can’t understand. One way to make sure of this is to make a job resume using civilian terms as possible and have it read by friends or other civilian colleagues. They can help point out terms that they can’t understand and can be duly corrected before being given to prospective employees.

Show Accomplishments From A Civilian Perspective

Some military personnel such as former career officers also have experience in handling a team of people much like managers in the civilian world. They are also required to share experiences and show results. They can concentrate on trying to highlight such accomplishments as means to show how their skills can be used in a civilian setting.

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