Following Up On Your Resume

Submitting your job resume and cover letter should not be considered as the last step when applying for a job. You might need to do the necessary follow up to make sure that they get into the hands of the people concerned, the hiring managers and, most importantly, the employer. Following up on your resume can help you better gauge your chances at the job rather than just leaving it up to chance whether your resume gets into the right hands or not. Here are some follow up tips that you can use.

Check up Your Contacts

It is usually good if you knew about the job opening from a colleague or friend. This would give you someone who might be working inside the company or knew someone who does. You can try to contact them first to let them know about your job resume and then try asking them to help you on the follow up. Having someone from the inside gives you some considerable advantage since you can easily follow up on your job resume.

Contact The Hiring Manager

To make better and more direct follow ups on your job resume, you can try and find ways on how you can contact the hiring manager. Sometimes this information can be found on the company website where contact numbers and email addresses may be posted. But before contacting the hiring manager, try to know more about him or her first before you try to make that call.

Do some research to know more about the hiring manager. You can ask a friend who might be working for that company for some added insights. You can also use your online social networks such as those from your LinkedIn account who might know about the hiring manager. If you have one, you can ask your connection to possibly introduce you.

Send A Resume Hardcopy

Most of the time, most job applicants send their resume to companies online. Although this can be quite convenient, it can also be a means for hiring managers to easily overlook a lot of resumes. Make sure that this would not be a problem for you by sending a hardcopy of your job resume via snail mail this time. You can use the information you found on the company website or from the people you know from the inside to send it to the right people.

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