What Makes Your Resume Dated

With the bad economy wherever you go, many people are forced to look for new jobs, including the middle-aged folks who have years of work experience behind them. However, just because you have an impressive employment record automatically means you will get called the next day. Job seekers need to find out the trends on updating the resume to make it more current and not look like it was copied from your application a decade ago.

Skip the references section – Employers automatically assume that you will provide references if asked. So erase that part on your resume and instead put your references on a separate page, consisting of their names and contact information, which you will provide to the hiring manager only if asked during the interview.

Customize your resume according to employer’ needs – A one-size-fit-all resume for any company is a definite no-no in job seeking. You need to make that application tailor-fit to what your employer wants and needs to make you stand out. Delete information that are not related to your desired position and emphasize that ones that would make you look more qualified.

Provide a professional summary – Ditch the usual career objective statement with a more focused professional summary. In one sentence or two, write your employment profile, indicating what you can do for the company you are applying for, and not what they can do for you. Sell yourself better with a bulleted list of qualifications and accomplishments that make you compatible with the position.

Do not force your resume to fit in one page – Although it has been a rule that employers then to skim through resumes, you do not want them to squint their eyes just to see the tiny letters you typed on your resume just to fit that one-page-only rule. If you have lead a very accomplished career, it is best to spread it onto the second page, printing in letters with at least a 10-pt font size. If employers are interested enough, they would read that part as well.

Include social networking – Although the likes of Twitter and Facebook are considered distractions in the workplace, it can be used as an asset to your job applications. Employers want to know whether their applicants are up-to-date with current technology and communication trends. You can provide in your resume like to your professional online portfolio, blog, or LinkedIn page on the header.

Avoid giving your life story on a resume – There is such a thing as “Too Much Information.” Learn what information you need to strike out, such as where you graduated in high school or irrelevant jobs from 15 years ago. It is also inappropriate to include personal details like hobbies, religions, age, and social status.

Delete old-fashioned skills – For instance, remove skills in obsolete computer software and systems like Word Star or Lotus. Avoid including “word processing” and “using an Internet browser” as your skills because employers will assume that everybody (by now) knows how to do that. What you can include are what technology skills that your employers need right now.

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