Things To Avoid Putting Into Your Resume

The job resume can provide employers and the people at human resources the information they need regarding your qualifications for a certain job. How your job resume is prepared can also determine your chances of getting hired or not. And it is not uncommon that there are some people who may be including things on their job resume that do not actually belong there. Here are just some of them:

Putting In Lies

Lying about your work experiences or putting in any false information is a mistake in any case, and not just on your job resume. Some people try to fabricate information in order to impress potential employers and getting a better chance of getting hired. But these can also work against the job applicant in case the employers and hiring managers find the inconsistencies and discover the lies. You might be better off sticking with the truth with what you put on your resume. Most of the time, employers would appreciate that.

Unnecessary Details

Although employers would want to know as much as they can about you, it would be a mistake trying to put it all on your job resume. Some people make the mistake of not simply sticking to the essential personal details. Job applicants are advised not to include personal details such as age, religion, race, political affiliation and other unnecessary details from their job resume. Such information can sometimes be used to discriminate against job hunters and may actually do more harm than good on their employment chances.

Including A Headshot

While including a personal photo along with the job resume seems okay in the past, it is not as required in today’s job market. Although some industries may require applicants to send in a personal photo along with a job resume such as for those who work in entertainment, it is generally no longer required. It can be easy for employers to discriminate among job applicants by their appearance if a headshot is included with the resume. Since it is illegal to do so in today’s job market, employers would appreciate receiving job resumes without photos to avoid this problem, unless a photo is specifically required.

Previously Confidential Items

Some job applicants really want to give such a high impression of themselves through their job resume to the point that they might sometimes include things that was once considered confidential matters from their previous job. There are many jobs that require a certain level of confidentiality. Even though you may have left that job for a better opportunity, sharing those confidential matters on your resume to get a better impression can be considered as poor judgment. It can even land you into trouble in case your former employer discovers what confidential information you might have shared on your job resume.
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