Using Action Phrases in Resumes

In writing your resume, it is not just about what you have done in career but what you have achieved. Describing your skills, experience, and strengths should be your main priority, but how? Here are some helpful tips to create effective action phrases in your resume.

Avoid using I – Although a resume is all about you, hiring managers do not like to be rubbed into the me, me, and me style of resumes. Start by eliminating the pronoun I on your resume and replace it with an action verb or phrase. For instance, instead of writing I have spearheaded a crisis management team, you would state spearheaded a crisis management team. Same content, but with different effect.

Use action words moderately – Action words sound strong on your resume and too much of it could overpower your strengths. Simply ensure that you are able to justify any statement you have included in your document.

Quantify your accomplishments, if possible – If you have data to back up your claims, do so. Include numerical figures like monetary budgets, funds saved, time period, or efficiency improved.

Display your transferable skills – Apart from your technical and specific skills that qualify you for the job, include your transferable skills on your resume as well. These skills can be applied from one work environment to another. Have you motivated team members? Are you cool under pressure? Can you accomplish your tasks beyond your client’s expectations? Then put them in print!

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